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Rewild Yourself Rewild Yourself

Rewild Yourself

As we rapidly scroll through our digitally dominated lifestyles, it’s becoming more apparent that while technology has expanded our capacity to communicate and increased our ability to access information, like a lens, it obscures as much as it reveals. For all our new found connectivity, rather ironically, we’ve grown more disconnected from each other, ourselves and more alarmingly, from Nature.

National Geographic Explorer

As a National Geographic Explorer, over the last 15 years I’ve had the fortune to call Nature my office. No matter how long or short my adventures have been, I’ve always returned home feeling inspired and enriched by the incredible stories and life lessons that I’ve learnt along the way.

For me, travel is the greatest mentor of all. Appreciating just how transformative and healing it is to experience new encounters with amazing people, places and Nature, it felt logical that The Lost Explorer live up to its name and heritage by launching a bespoke travel service for the curious explorer.

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Are you ready to become a Lost Explorer?

Black Tomato is an award winning travel agency that specializes in bespoke itineraries that will peak your curiosity.

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” – Bowie

The Lost Explorer It's time to get lost and use Nature as your guide.
The Lost Explorer

It's time to get lost and use Nature as your guide.

We revel in helping you get off the grid! There is nothing we like more than unlocking your inner explorer. We’ll create something completely unique for you because at the end of the day it’s your adventure not ours. Though one thing is for sure, we’ll only offer experiences we’d be excited to undertake ourselves.

Approach the world through
a different lens

The Lost Explorer thinks of the world in four systems: Desert, Mountain, Ocean and Jungle. Partnering with Black Tomato, we've designed epic adventures that can only be rivalled by the majesty of these unique destinations.

Transformative Experiences



Atacama | Kalahari | Mojave | Mongolia | Skeleton Coast



Altai | Transantarctic | Nepal | Chimborazo | Dolomites



Blue Hole | Palau | Fakarava | Chuuk | Raja Ampat



Borneo | Congo | Suriname | Bialowieza | Sinharaja


The Lost Explorer has the ability to call on a global network of explorers, artists, scientists, naturopaths, storytellers and mentors to design you the perfect itinerary, but in their own words Black Tomato are the experts who care. They know the ins and outs of every destination they recommend and are able to bring a level of service that few can match. This ensures we can offer a new and exciting perspective to each of our itineraries.

You can choose one of our unique itineraries or customize your own.

desert Desert: Mongolia

If someone asked me what's one place on Planet Earth that you can still really go and get lost, I would have to say Mongolia. I spent months criss-crossing across this vast and extraordinary country and whenever I felt overwhelmed by its scale I could always count on the smiles and warmth of the nomadic herders and their families to make me feel completely at home. The Mongolian truth to living in such a pure nomadic way is deeply infectious, it will leave you realising that less is alway more.

mountain Mountain: Nepal

Whenever I close my eyes and think about mountains, I can't help but think about my time spent trekking in and around Nepal. From the awe inspiring vistas of mountain peaks to the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu you can't but not be overcome by the magic that this country and its incredible people have to offer. There are very few places I have travelled to that left me with such a deep rooted sense of contentment.

ocean Ocean: Raja Ampat

This is the only location of the four I haven’t yet been to. I included this itinerary not only as a motivation for myself to go but it's hard to imagine listing a more magical location to explore the wonders of our planet Ocean. If like me, you love to spend hours exploring underwater then heading off to what many consider to be the global epicentre of tropical marine bio-diversity isn’t a bad place to start. If you do go, please send me a postcard and say hello!

jungle Jungle: Borneo

The last time I was in Borneo was in 2005. It was not only my first ever experience of exploring and understanding the majesty of what it feels like to be in real jungle but I feel like I could categorise my life experiences into life before and after meeting an Orangutan in the wild. At over 140 million years in the making, the jungles of Borneo are some of the oldest in the world which means you will be hard pressed to find this depth of Nature wisdom anywhere else on Planet Earth.

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Not sure where you want to go?

Black Tomato specialize in bespoke itineraries that will peak your curiosity.

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  • Sharing is caring. We love to share our stories, we learn from each other. When we become aware, we care - and change happens.
  • We believe wellness is the antidote to the toxicity of our industrialized society.
  • We will always collaborate as we recognize nobody is as smart as everybody.
Desert, Jungle, Mountain, Ocean
Frozen Face Greenland
  • To always put Nature at the heart of the experience, Nature is the best possible partner to reveal who we are to ourselves.
  • To always be transparent and say it as it is. No hippy vernacular necessary.
  • To tread lightly on the planet.
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  • We believe that getting lost is not a destination but rather about being open to possibility and magic.
  • As the world gets faster, we will spend more time trying to slow down.
  • We always give ourselves permission to wander aimlessly.
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Building upon the well-known adage ‘Sometimes you need to get lost to find yourself,’ Black Tomato’s Get Lost service is the ultimate experience for helping people to disconnect.

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